Bakersfield Forgiveness Contract

It’s been over a year since asking the Universe “Where can I appeal to that’s higher than the courts and government?”  Finding a way to engage the markets via a commemorative instrument celebrating the act of forgiveness has been the task of the last year.  

I’m making great progress on creating a series of notices which will become the forgiveness contract over the Bakersfield California incident where thier police tried to kill me (Joe Baker).  

Since my last update, I’ve traveled to Monterrey, Mexico for the event.  It was wonderful.  I made numerous supportive contacts.  And learned about a small yet committed group that is deeply concerned with educating the people of Mexico about cryptocurrencies.  Even startup businesses have this aim.

Everywhere I go, people realize that the concepts of RemedyCoin are the most revolutionary idea within cryptocurrencies.  In fact people recognize it as the new relegion of crypto.  And what better theme than the commemoration of an act of extreme forgiveness? Everyone agrees to the universal value of forgiveness.  

We’ve added some people to our Keybase chatroom.   Tyler Seymore – a California attorney with a startup in the patent space.  Tyler has been thinking alot about RemedyCoin lately even into the late night hours about things to add to the Whitepaper.

Meanwhile, work is progressing on the proposed  forgiveness contract for Bakersfield Police and company.

I’m very happy to be back in Acapulco where I am very happy to have the calm of the ocean when having to revisit some of the most traumatic memories of my life. 

I’ve also began to build an email list of the contacts I’ve established of late.  I’ve tested the integration of the WordPress plugin “MailPoet” and I’ve had successful correspondence using it.  I have many hundreds of business cards to assimilate into the mailing list from events of the last year going back to and which are coming up again in February of 2019.

Another recent win is the positive response to an comment I wrote on LinkedIn by David Sugar, the Acting Chief to the Cherokees of Idaho.  I have greatly valued David’s focused and valuable work in encryption of Voice over IP technology with the SIPWich project.  Here’s a short speech about privacy David arranged for me to make at the SCALE conference in Los Angeles many years ago. 

Yet another supporter I’m thrilled to have is Camilo Olea who I met at the Monterrey, Mexico conference.  Agreement on numerous issues, strong PR and marketing skills and an experienced entrapenuner. 

A Venesuellian blockchain reporter Ivan Gomez I had lunch with.

Lots of others but too little time to mention them all.

Viva la Crypto!

The first day of this extraordinary conference will linger in my mind for years. Such a great time with so many wonderful people! I’m making connections with thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space and pre-seeding them with the concepts of remedycoin.