Forgiveness is King – Do We Want it Above All Else?

  • joebaker 
Joe Baker, Founder of RemedyCoin and Forgiveness Capital Concepts

I couldn’t sleep tonight. Since about August 29th, 2017 one single concept has commanded my focus. We can monetize forgiveness. It is a superior money. We can establish it in the marketplace because with crypto currency we have the exchanges.

However tonight I had one of those realizations that made me realize I needed to document this ASAP. It’s too valuable to not share with the world NOW.

So I went live on the Internet at about 1:30 AM CDT in the US across seven streaming networks such as FaceBook, Youtube, Twitch, DLive, Periscope to name a few.

The big thought is – We all want to be forgiven – could it be our deepest desire? Could it be the most intimate relationship we can have with another human being to be forgiven? And to inspire, support and affirm forgiveness between two people might be the highest form of worship in the universe? Look – this is a thought experiment. I could be wrong – and I’m brainstorming with you. The economics of RemedyCoin allow people to participate in markets that encourage such forgiveness.

My show is called and on some of the networks, my username is RemedyCoin. I’m Joe Baker and it’s my honor to serve you all in developing this new twist on economics. It’s also self serving because 9 years ago over 20 things happened to me by police in Bakersfield California which may result in the most valuable financial instrument known to mankind on Earth to date. I hope to pave the way to a streamlined method for conflict resolution which features the forgiveness contract. A means of bringing forth the value of remedy from within the victim’s personal infinite worth matched with the marketplace’s desire for worthy containers for wealth and their desire to place their money in the places where it can do the most good for the world. I hope to see you online. Please subscribe and click the bell on your favorite video streaming networks.

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